Grow Your Natural Nails: Nailcare Tips

Hey everyone! For the last month and half I have been growing out my natural nails. I figured it would help me save time and money and would help my nails be healthier and stronger. I mean, I love getting my nails done with gel but it is so hard to remove and I don’t like how dead my nail is after I remove the polish.

So today, I am just sharing some of my tips that have helped me grow out my natural nails nice long and strong.

Nail Care Tips

  • -Drink Water! H2O, Aqua.. Whatever you want to call it! Drink up. Water hydrates from the inside out making out nails, hair and skin healthy and strong.
  • -Base and Top Coat- Seche Vita. I have been using this base and top coat every time I do my nails and it has kept my nails really hard so they won’t break. It is also is good for making your nail polish last and not chip for awhile.


  • -Washing your hands every time you use a nail polish remover and before you redo your nails.
  • -Using a non-acetone nail polish remover.
  • -Wear gloves to protect hands and nails when cleaning and washing dishes.
  • -Apply a hand cream and cuticle oil every night before bed.
  • -File nails don’t clip!

These are some of the tips. For more details check out the video down below, where I go into more detail.

What are your favorite nail care tips and tricks?

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