Red Palm Oil For Hair

Hey everyone! Tonight I uploaded a new video on how to deep treat your hair with red palm oil. This is something I have recently been trying and I love the results. Red palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree. It’s been used for centuries because of it’s health benefits. I mostly noticed the amazing result of softness to my hair once I do this treatment. It also brought out my natural red highlights and my old ombre ones that I had from before. I am trying to grow out my natural hair color. I did notice the first day after I did the treatment the highlights were very noticeable but since this is a natural way to bring them out, they faded within the next few days. But I am sure with continue use of this treatment, over time it can give a natural red tint to hair because of the coloring in the oil.


Other Benefits of Red Palm Oil

-High in Vitamin E to Moisturize and Soften the Hair

-Restore Hair’s Natural Texture for All Hair Types

-Maintains Healthy Hair Follicle Cells to Prevent Hair Loss

red palm oil

Check picture below to watch how to use this for your hair!



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