Pony Shine Eye Palette

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share this new Pony Shine Easy Glam Eye Palette with Memebox.com because I LOVE the colors of the shadows. I received this in the mail and once I opened up the palette my eyes filled with hearts because the shadows consisted of natural colors of both shimmer and matte. I think these colors are so pretty, for everyday look and  smokey look at night. Plus the pigmentation is wonderful, they are powder shadows but feel almost slightly creamy when I first touched them. I also read that each eye shadow consisted of rosehip oil (one of my faves). Maybe that’s why they feel so creamy and like butter hmm….

I am excited to try new looks with these colors. Pony is a Korean makeup artist. There is also a Pony Shine Palette #2. Check both of them out here!  The Large Shine Easy Glam Palette check out here!


Bronzy colors from right to left are: Shine Rosegold, Shine gold, Glam expresso, Glam Coca (4 colors on right side of the palette)



Matte colors from right to left are: Easy Charcoal, Easy brown, Easy Shadow and Easy Base. (4 left colors of the palette)

I love this look that Pony created with the palettes. So simple, soft and pretty.


Have you tried any of memebox and Pony x Products? Let me know!

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