Hair Growth Journey

Hey everyone! Today is the first day of my hair growth journey. I am on this now for the second time.  I want to invite you on this journey if you are growing out your natural hair to be healthy and long!

My Hair Story


A few years ago I finally grew out my natural black hair. It became long, shiny and super healthy. I took really good care of it. But I have no idea why, I got bored and decided to dye it again. ^My hair before I dyed it^

I started by dying it with caramel highlights and a little bit of ombre at the bottom. I love how it turned out but it damaged my then virgin black hair.


I then dyed it again and this time bleached it. This really damaged my hair and made the bottoms dead. I knew if I ever wanted the state of my hair to be as healthy as it was, I had to grow it out again and stop dying and damaging it.


So I cut all the dead ends off and dyed it back to black to grow it out. At first it looked very healthy but the black dyed faded and the color showed threw.

Since then I’ve only gotten it trimmed. On this hair growth journey I hope to completely grow out the dye in my hair. Also take care of it so it’s more healthy, shiny, thick and long.

I outlined in the video 5 basic steps i’ll be taking to start this journey. Things you can do now and that can benefit.

  1. Keep a hair journal. Each day when I have time i’ll document the process. (example: if I washed my hair that day, products I used, the state and length of my hair) This will help track progress and see what works best.Hello kitty
  2. DRINKING LEMON WATER. Adding lemon water to the day will help detox the body and overall help hydrate the hair, skin and nails. I will try to drink 5-8 large glasses of lemon water each day on top of the regular water I drink as well.  10-benefits-of-drinking-lemon-water11
  3. Be consistent with my hair treatments/masks/conditioning. Doing this and keep up with it, helps hair grow and become strong. protein500
  4. Not washing my hair everyday! I usually wash it every other day but I will try and keep up washing it only every 2-3 days if I can. washing-hair2
  5. Lastly, I will not dye, perm or chemically treat my hair in anyway. Not saying these things are wrong if you want to do them, it’s just to me I want to be serious with getting back my natural hair.

These are my basic tips I am starting with. So excited to see results.

Let me know in the comments down below if you are on a healthy hair journey or want to join and what steps you are taking. Also I want to say, at the end of the day it is just hair. But taking good care of it can help overall. 🙂

Btw what’s your hair type?!


Author: lobrods

A regular girl from western mass... that loves makeup, skincare and shopping.

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