Oils for the Hair

Hey everyone! Yesterday I uploaded a video on my youtube channel all about my favorite oils for the hair. I’ve been oiling my hair for years now and it truly works. It is also inexpensive and all natural. Oiling the hair makes it strong and healthy. If you have spilt ends and damaged hair it can help restore it. Of course, cutting and trimming your hair is the best thing you can do to get the dead ends off and make it healthy. But oils can help also with softness, shine and growing out the hair. They have worked wonders for me!

Coconut Oil


 promotes the scalp health |adds luster, shine and softness to the hair | prevents hair breakage and split ends contributing to hair length

Olive Oil


helps mend spit ends | softens the hair from within | adds tons of extra moisture back to the hair

Grapeseed Oil 


light weight that protects against moisture loss| it is a sealant therefore enhancing moisture and locking it in|high amount of linoleum acid that helps hair grow

Almond Oil 


helps with hair loss | helps with the shine and softness of hair | contains nutrients from the almond benefiting the growth of hair

Essential Oils


Check out the video. I share the oils and essential oils and also give some tips when oiling the hair.

What is your favorite oil to use on the hair?


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