Memebox Review: Ariul Moisture Box & Scinic Box

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a memebox review with you. I am a big fan of the website and have been ordering from them for a while now. It’s a great way to try out full-size new Korean skincare when you order the boxes. This time I got the Ariul Moisture and Scinic Box. Let’s take a look?!



Ariul Moisture Box on the left and Scinic Box on the right



I always get so excited when I receive the package in the mail. The Ariul Box retails for $27. Inside you get two full size face products, a foam cleanser and moisturizer and tons of sheet masks over 14 different types.



Inside the Scinic Box retails for $35 and inside you get two packed products (sheet masks and kit) also with an ampoule, moisturizer, peeling tabs and clay mask. I was most interested in the snail products. They use snail smile and other peptides to renew the skin.

Find the Scinic Box HERE! 

Find the Ariul Moisture Box HERE! 

Check out the video below of the unboxing!

What is your favorite Korean beauty product?


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