How to Treat Dark Under Eye Circles

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a post all about how to treat and prevent under eye circles and darkness under the eyes. It goes along with the new video I posted on my youtube channel (How to depuff and treat dark circles). So here it is, let’s take a look!?

First easy steps in treating dark under eye circles is 

Getting sleep! Rest is very important to repair the skin and under eye area.

Drink water.

Reduce salt: Salt can puff the face up and also contribute to darker under eyes.

 Natural DIYS to treat the under eye circles and darkness 

Aloe Vera: Helps to sooth the skin and depuff. It also can moisturize under the skin and make it look lighter and healthier.

Here is a video I made on how to use aloe vera ice cubes: great for underneath the eyes!

Chamomile or Green Tea

green tea

Soak otton pads in cool chamomile or green tea. Then place the soaked cotton pads underneath the eyes. The antioxidants and soothing properties in the tea will help treat dark circles.

Milk or Coffee

Just like the tea, soak cotton pads in cool milk or coffee and place them on under eye area to help treat dark circles. The milk has properties to sooth and the coffee’s caffeine will help simulate the skin to depuff.

Cucumbers and Potatoes


Put thin slices of cucumber or potatoes in the frig. After they become cold, place underneath eyes and leave on until warm. This will help with the puffiness and also can prevent darkness and treat existing under eye circles.

Here is the video! Check it out for more tips and tricks.

How do you treat dark circles?!


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