Hair Growth Update | 6 Months

Hey guys! Today I finally updated on my Hair Growth Journey it’s been over 6 month. In the video I let you guys know what I did that worked for me. It was a long process but I’m glad I did it cause I finally have healthy hair again.

Before Picture (taken in February 2016)

This is my hair curled at the ends. The dye I was feeling was making it look dry although I liked the color, if I didn’t use heat on my ends they would look very dry and fried. Also the hair state itself was very frizz and dry.


After Picture (Taken right after I got it cut at the end of August 2016)

All dye was finally cut out of it. I also cut off around 4 inches and got long layers. Felt great and still feels great almost 2 months after. I love the way it is growing now too. Very shiny and healthy.


Check out the video to see what I did and what actually worked for me. Hopefully it works for you too!

What hair goal are you trying to achieve? Let me know guys!


3 thoughts on “Hair Growth Update | 6 Months

  1. zllvs says:

    Your hair is really Beautiful! I subscribed to your yt channel to learn what products you use and /or if you take some supplements because it’s lovely! congratulations.


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