YSL Cushion Foundation

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a YSL Cushion Foundation review. I recently order this from amazon and was happy to see that they offered prime shipping. That is because this product is exclusive to Asia. In the U.S. where they sell YSL high end makeup products they do not carry this cushion foundation yet. But you can find it online!

Here is the amazon Link CLICK HERE!

IMG_8883 (1).jpg

I was seriously curious about this foundation because I heard so many great reviews on this. It was said to be one of the “best” cushion foundations that people have ever tired. It was claimed to have natural but full coverage and not look cakey. So I had to give it a try myself being a fan of cushion foundations.

IMG_8889 (1).jpg

First off I can see why people claim it is the best cushion foundation they have ever tried because of the foundation formula itself. Instantly, when I first put this on my skin it made it look flawless and gave me coverage with one layer without looking cakey. I was easy to blend and felt great on my skin. Once I was done with one layer I can layer it again for more coverage and it still looked like skin. I also feel like I didn’t have to keep blending it or pushing it into the skin with the cushion cause the formula is very silky and soft and lays nicely instantly when I put it on my skin.

Secondly, I felt like this cushion foundation wasn’t over hyped, yes it is high end and yes it is pricey but the payoff and coverage is great. NATURAL BUT FULL COVERAGE! I never tried any YSL products until now and I think this was a really good one to invest in. The makeup itself is worth it but the packaging helps too cause it looks so beautiful. haha

The only downfall is that this cushion  foundation doesn’t come with a refill. You have to buy it separately. It did come with a small sample of YSL cc cream but I really wish it came with a refill cause I love it that much!

Check out my youtube video below. It is of my first impression and how the foundation wear threw out the day.

Have you tried any YSL makeup products?!


One thought on “YSL Cushion Foundation

  1. Mignon Cobra says:

    Its a really great cushion. Took me 1 year to finish it. Totally worth the money. I bought the shades 2 and 4, so time to start working on shade 4! Hope you enjoy the cushion 🙂


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