Grow Your Hair with Me + Newest Video

Hey everyone. I wanted to share my newest YT video. Check it out HERE. I’m starting a series on my channel all about Growing Your Hair with tips and tricks I use. I hope you find it helpful. The first video is about all natural haircare faves, vitamins and shampoo faves (I shared in my last post). I highly recommend you check out the shampoo if you have dry scalp and hair. Also add a few drops of vitamin e oil to your shampoo, it’ll make your hair soft and grow faster.

IMG_1343 (1)
The all natural oils i’ve been using in my hair this month: almond and grape seed oil. I sometimes mix these two oils with other ingredients to make different hair masks. I add the vitamin e oil to hair masks. But my favorite way to use it is mixing it in my shampoo! The macadamia oil is used to mix into my shampoo as well as on dry hair. I take the my kind multi vitamin everyday to grow out my hair. 

Part 2 of the Grow Your Hair with Me will be up soon. The next video is all about my hair styling product faves so look out for that.

Let me know what you do to grow out your hair in the comments! 🙂


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