Amazon Lashes That Are Bomb♡

I gotta share these lashes with you! I’ve tried many cheap false lashes before from amazon and other sites and they always disappoint. But DYSILK lashes are by far the best and I think are well worth an order.

 The 5 pack was $8.29. The bottom lashes are ones I’ve already used. They are a longer lash so I had to cut the inner and outer corner. image3-1


What I like about them is the quality. The lashes feel like individual packs sold for $10 plus each. The lash strip is flexible and gets even better once you wear them and they take shape. The band is strong enough to remove the glue after using. Which is another plus because you can get more than 1-2 wears out of them. The lashes hairs are soft and don’t shed easily.

The whispy style pairs cute with soft glam makeup. They suit mono and hooded lids and open up the eye without looking like the band is too thick or heavy.  If you’re into taking pics and snapchat selfies these are bomb.

I order from amazon: here is where to buy them : DYSILK LASHES   click here

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