Amazon Lashes That Are Bomb♡

I gotta share these lashes with you! I’ve tried many cheap false lashes before from amazon and other sites and they always disappoint. But DYSILK lashes are by far the best and I think are well worth an order.

 The 5 pack was $8.29. The bottom lashes are ones I’ve already used. They are a longer lash so I had to cut the inner and outer corner. image3-1


What I like about them is the quality. The lashes feel like individual packs sold for $10 plus each. The lash strip is flexible and gets even better once you wear them and they take shape. The band is strong enough to remove the glue after using. Which is another plus because you can get more than 1-2 wears out of them. The lashes hairs are soft and don’t shed easily.

The whispy style pairs cute with soft glam makeup. They suit mono and hooded lids and open up the eye without looking like the band is too thick or heavy.  If you’re into taking pics and snapchat selfies these are bomb.

I order from amazon: here is where to buy them : DYSILK LASHES   click here

Neem Oil for Hair Growth

Recently I tried out neem oil for a hair treatment. Neem oil comes from neem tree seeds and is a dark yellowish brown color. It does have a garlic like smell but is naturally beneficial for hair and skin.

See how to apply and mix up the hair mask here:

Benefits neem oil has for your hair

-Rich in fatty acids to condition hair

-Anti-fungal oil that helps to treat dandruff

-Has properties supporting healthy cell division and stimulate hair follicle growth

– Prevents hair thinning and balding

Sephora Spring Save Event | 2020

This is what I got during the Sephora spring event:

Drunk Elephant The Littles
Glow Recipe My Watermelon Glow Vanity Set
Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Brightening Serum | Innisfree Green Tea Hydrating Cleansing Oil | Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid Facial Toner
Mount Lai Massaging Jade Textured Faical Roller
Dr Jart 4x Ceramidin Sheet Mask | 2x Shooting Hydra Sheet Mask | 2x Vital Hydra Solution Sheet Mask (I already used one tonight 🥰)
Grande Lash Serum

Did you guys pick up anything during the sale? Let me know! xox


These my top picks for April. All these products you can find in the drugstore and they are affordable.


Nyx Born to Glow and Revlon Candid Glow are medium coverage foundations. The Revlon one applies like BB cream but has more coverage and is buildable. It honestly glowy and makes your skin look even better by the end of the day. It lets natural oils peek thru.  The Nyx one is more of a full-coverage glowy foundation that I’d suggest to set with a powder. But looks so pretty with glam makeup looks and highlight. I highly suggest using the Nyx Born to Glow Concealer with both foundations. This concealer layers well with both foundation formulas and is full coverage without drying… the best.


For body wash, Dove Deep Moisture. It’s a thicker, creamy body wash that lathers well. I like this one because it doesn’t leave skin dry after using it. It also doesn’t strip skin making it feel tight.  It smells good, like original Dove bar soap.
If you have dry skin you know that after showering you got to use some type of cream or lotion right away. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion. Both the original (green cap) and the Sheer Hydration (blue cap). Before I used heavy creams on my body but made me feel itchy. Light lotions still do the job and feel better on the skin in hot weather. Aveeno has no scent and the lotion formula sinks right into skin without feeling greasy.


For everyday face routine I’ve been using cetaphil. I still incorporate my other skincare products but the two staples are always Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and the Rich Hydrating Night Cream (I use this both morning and night to moisturize). Both products are gentle on the face and make the skin soft.  The face wash removes makeup, dirt and oil without over drying.
The Night Cream is thick but absorbed into skin quickly and doesn’t have any scent. Good base for makeup too.

Hands & Feet

O’keeffe’s Working Hands and Healthy Feet repairs extremely dry skin. I use them at night before sleeping and the next morning skin is soft and renewed. Both are unscented. The best part is they feel like a lotion and absorb quickly into skin. They work just as good as a thick ointment.


I’ve tried many brands and the shampoo itself dries out hair badly. Dove Dermacare scalp is the only formula i’ve found so far that helps dandruff but mild. even that doesn’t dry out hair. It smells like the original dove shampoo and cleans hair making it feel soft.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know what products were your favorites of the month and I should check out! xoxo