Pony Effect Deep and Pure Lip Tints

Hey everyone! Recently I received the Pony Effect Deep and Pure Lip Tints from Memebox. I love the black and rose gold colors.img_8217



What do you guys think about the lip tint?


Sephora Haul!

Hey everyone! Sephora haul! This is what got me to VIP points level. 😉



I really suggest this Smashbox primer oil. I mix a few drops wth my foundation and it works so well in making my foundation go on smooth and cover dry patches. If you have dry skin and want your foundation to look better, I highly recommend this.


What’s your favorite product from Sephora?

Korean Beauty Products! Skincare & Makeup

Hey everyone! I went to The Face Shop! It is a Korean Beauty store where they sell makeup, skincare, makeup brushes and skincare tools. They have them in the U.S. but i’ve only ever been to one in California. When I was there I picked up some items I am super excited to try them. Let me know if you want a specific review on one.


Facial Cleansing foams. Left: A deep cleansing foam that has jeju volcanic lava in it. I like using this one in the shower after I have worn makeup all day. It gives a deep cleanse and makes pores feel clean. Right: This cleanser has mango seed in it! It’s very gentle and smells nice. I love using this one in the morning.


Stocked up on sunscreen. I picked up the liquid one and the cushion SPF 50. Both light weight and are good for sensitive skin.


Lately i’ve been addicted to using the smart cushion. It is slightly tinted and give minimal coverage. Love using it in the morning before work. Quick and easy to apply. I wear it on its own (no makeup on top).


Look how cute this cushion foundation is. I love cushion foundations and with cute packaging i’m a sucker. This is said to be the best cushion foundation for the summer time from The Face Shop.


Cushion Blush and Lip Tint. Both very natural and light colors. Can’t wait to try these out with the new cushion foundation.


Sleeping Pack. I was suggested this by the employee at the store. I wasn’t too sure about it but the last week or so i’ve been really impressed in how it locks in moisture at night.


The consitity is also perfect texture for a sleeping pack. Watery but thick enough to apply smoothly.


Sheet masks! A girl can never have to many right! The ones i’m trying out are the red ginseng and the couture 24k gold.


This was a free gift since I got a lot of stuff. haha! It 3 face packs or masks. Honey, Clay and Almond. I’ve only tried the clay one. I did see a big different in it cleaning out pores like some clay face masks do but it did do a good job lifting up the dead skin from my face.

What your favorite Korean Beauty product?

My Recent Beauty Faves

Hey everyone! Current beauty faves.


  • L’oreal Elnet Hair Spray |Too Face Chocolate Bronzer Light/Med |Urban Decay deslick spray (oil-control) |Rosebud Salve |Anastasia Brow Tint in Expresso |Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in 1995 |L’oreal Rock Manga Mascara in Waterproof |Morpe Angle Brush and Fan Brush |Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum |Rose Gold iPhone 6

Super Easy Olive Oil Hair Mask

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing a super easy olive oil hair treatment/mask you can do at home.  This mask has been one of my faves cause its super easy, only contain ones ingredient and add instant moisture to the hair. I use a hair dye applicator to apply it that I got home Sally’ Beauty Supply but it’s totally optional. I find using the applicator makes it less messy.

All you need is organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

  • Benefits of Olive Oil:
  • First off olive oil is an all in one- the oil itself helps skin dryness, dandruff and dry hair (think of it as a SUPER natural moisturizer)
  • Helps to mend damaged hair and spilt ends
  • Properties of the oil help to condition the hair adding extreme shine
  • Also helps with Blood circulation, allowing hair growth

Most off in the wintertime using an Olive Oil hair treatment makes hair so shiny and healthy. Because this oil is thicker and heavier, it’s great for cold weather when hair can become dry after washing and using heat on it. You will see the results of shiny, softness and moisture to the hair.

I also uploaded a youtube video showing you how to apply it. Check it out!

Have you tried this hair treatment?!


New from Memebox

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share some new things from memebox.com. I am excited to try them out and see how they work. I love finding new products that work well and they are new.

The first thing is Real Art Cleansing Water. This is suppose to be a cleansing water that does not require water to wash your face. I don’t recommend doing this instead of washing with water everyday but it would be great for traveling and on the go.  I’ll test this out and have a detailed review soon.


The next skincare item is this cleansing oil that you use water to wash off. I’ve already tested this out last night and really like it. The oil is very smoothing and nice feeling and washes off easily, taking off makeup and dirt. It does have a stronger scent to it so I didn’t use it around my eyes to take off my waterproof mascara. But for face makeup it works great as a first cleanser. I could see the makeup melting off.

What is your favorite Korean Skincare Product?!