New from Memebox

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share some new things from I am excited to try them out and see how they work. I love finding new products that work well and they are new.

The first thing is Real Art Cleansing Water. This is suppose to be a cleansing water that does not require water to wash your face. I don’t recommend doing this instead of washing with water everyday but it would be great for traveling and on the go.  I’ll test this out and have a detailed review soon.


The next skincare item is this cleansing oil that you use water to wash off. I’ve already tested this out last night and really like it. The oil is very smoothing and nice feeling and washes off easily, taking off makeup and dirt. It does have a stronger scent to it so I didn’t use it around my eyes to take off my waterproof mascara. But for face makeup it works great as a first cleanser. I could see the makeup melting off.

What is your favorite Korean Skincare Product?!


Collective Haul: New Makeup and Clothes

Hey everyone! Happy Valentines Day! ❤  I got new lip colors for the spring time and also some new shoes and clothes.



  • -mac barely nude lipliner  -mac spoken for lipliner -mac velvet teddy lipstick -mac instigator lipstick  -mac honey love lipstick -gerard cosmetics kimchi doll lipstick -gerard cosmetics french toast lipstick -gerard cosmetics 1995 lipstick -anastasia sad girl liquid lipstick -rosebud salve pot and tube


  •  -too faced milk chocolate bronzer -too faced better than sex mascara
  • -anastasia glow kit (gleam and that glow) -perricone no foundation foundation (LOVE THIS STUFF)  | In picture above but not shown in video -anastasia cream contour kit -anastasia brow tint in dark brown -urban decay setting spray in oil control -tarte concealer


What lip color are you wearing this spring?!

Beauty “Must-Haves”

Hello everybody! These are products that I have been using almost everyday and  having been loving. beauty must have collage

1.Dessert Essence Raspberry Shampoo 2. Milani Lip Liner 04 Natural 3. Mally Face Primer 4. Iope Air Cushion Foundation 5. Pura d’or Rose Hip Seed Oil 6. Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub  7. Pura d’or Organic Face Cream 8. Kiss Eyelashes in #11

What’s your beauty “must-haves”?! 

Aloe Vera Uses !

Aloe Vera is a seriously magical plant. If there is one thing that is great for the skin it is aloe vera. I was so surprise of the results one night when I applied an all natural, fresh aloe vera mask that I made to my neck. On my neck I had these stubborn eczema patches, I applied the mask to the effected spots and let it dry. Once I rinsed it off, the eczema patches were soothed and non-itchy. The next week the eczema patches were calm, the redness went down and the effected skin healed from dryness. Of course, with any natural treatment you have to be consistent but I think it’s totally worth it.


Like you may know, aloe vera is great for sunburns as well. But even if you don’t have a sunburn.. after a long day in the sun, it is great just to rub some aloe vera on the skin. I personally love using aloe vera ice cubes after a long hot day at the beach.. AHHH! Using fresh aloe vera straight from the plant is so good because it does not have any other chemicals or ingredients added.

See how to make them in the video down below!

What is your fave way to use Aloe Vera?

Grow Your Natural Nails: Nailcare Tips

Hey everyone! For the last month and half I have been growing out my natural nails. I figured it would help me save time and money and would help my nails be healthier and stronger. I mean, I love getting my nails done with gel but it is so hard to remove and I don’t like how dead my nail is after I remove the polish.

So today, I am just sharing some of my tips that have helped me grow out my natural nails nice long and strong.

Nail Care Tips

  • -Drink Water! H2O, Aqua.. Whatever you want to call it! Drink up. Water hydrates from the inside out making out nails, hair and skin healthy and strong.
  • -Base and Top Coat- Seche Vita. I have been using this base and top coat every time I do my nails and it has kept my nails really hard so they won’t break. It is also is good for making your nail polish last and not chip for awhile.


  • -Washing your hands every time you use a nail polish remover and before you redo your nails.
  • -Using a non-acetone nail polish remover.
  • -Wear gloves to protect hands and nails when cleaning and washing dishes.
  • -Apply a hand cream and cuticle oil every night before bed.
  • -File nails don’t clip!

These are some of the tips. For more details check out the video down below, where I go into more detail.

What are your favorite nail care tips and tricks?