These my top picks for April. All these products you can find in the drugstore and they are affordable.


Nyx Born to Glow and Revlon Candid Glow are medium coverage foundations. The Revlon one applies like BB cream but has more coverage and is buildable. It honestly glowy and makes your skin look even better by the end of the day. It lets natural oils peek thru.  The Nyx one is more of a full-coverage glowy foundation that I’d suggest to set with a powder. But looks so pretty with glam makeup looks and highlight. I highly suggest using the Nyx Born to Glow Concealer with both foundations. This concealer layers well with both foundation formulas and is full coverage without drying… the best.


For body wash, Dove Deep Moisture. It’s a thicker, creamy body wash that lathers well. I like this one because it doesn’t leave skin dry after using it. It also doesn’t strip skin making it feel tight.  It smells good, like original Dove bar soap.
If you have dry skin you know that after showering you got to use some type of cream or lotion right away. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion. Both the original (green cap) and the Sheer Hydration (blue cap). Before I used heavy creams on my body but made me feel itchy. Light lotions still do the job and feel better on the skin in hot weather. Aveeno has no scent and the lotion formula sinks right into skin without feeling greasy.


For everyday face routine I’ve been using cetaphil. I still incorporate my other skincare products but the two staples are always Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and the Rich Hydrating Night Cream (I use this both morning and night to moisturize). Both products are gentle on the face and make the skin soft.  The face wash removes makeup, dirt and oil without over drying.
The Night Cream is thick but absorbed into skin quickly and doesn’t have any scent. Good base for makeup too.

Hands & Feet

O’keeffe’s Working Hands and Healthy Feet repairs extremely dry skin. I use them at night before sleeping and the next morning skin is soft and renewed. Both are unscented. The best part is they feel like a lotion and absorb quickly into skin. They work just as good as a thick ointment.


I’ve tried many brands and the shampoo itself dries out hair badly. Dove Dermacare scalp is the only formula i’ve found so far that helps dandruff but mild. even that doesn’t dry out hair. It smells like the original dove shampoo and cleans hair making it feel soft.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know what products were your favorites of the month and I should check out! xoxo 

My Night Time Skincare Routine

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The 10 Steps I do:

-DCH Oil Cleanser
-Shiseido Foam Cleanser (Double Cleanse)
-Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel (I exfoliate 2-3 time a week)
-Sana Soy Milk Toner
-WASO Shiseido Jelly Lotion
-Natural Republic Hydrogel Mask (I use different Sheet Masks every night)
-Glow Recipe Pineapple-c Bright Serum
-Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
-Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel
-WASO Shiseido Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream
-Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Glow Recipe: Watermelon Glow Review

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.I was a little hesitant at first trying out the Glow Recipe’s watermelon glow moisturizer and sleeping pack. This was because it was VERY hyped up online. I saw it everywhere. But I went ahead and got it anyways and I love it.

The moisturizer is very light-weight, almost like a gel but it soaks right into the skin. You don’t need that much either. The sleeping pack is a thin texture as well, but more jelly like, a little bit more is needed when applying. I’ve been using both at night with my other skincare for the past 2 weeks. I wake up in the morning and my skin actually feels hydrated, plump and has produced natural oils overnight.. which is a good sign. I would definitely say if you had to get just one it would be the watermelon glow moisturizer over the sleeping pack. But I do think using both of them together works for the better. I also use my jade facial roller along with the products at night.

Have you tried anything from Glow Recipe?

Favorite Summer BB Cream

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing my favorite summer BB Cream. It’s the illuminating supple Blemish Cream by a Korean brand called Klairs.

The BB cream and concealer come in a set but also sold separate, here

The reason I love this BB cream so much is because it give you natural but full coverage. I have dry skin so the dewy finish it has, makes skin look healthy and naturally radiant. But the most important part is I can wear it all day and it doesn’t clog my pores, skin looks better once you wash it off too. The concealer is nice when used with the BB cream but doesn’t give you that much brightness. I usually use my Nars concealer with this BB cream.

This does have a very dewy finish and can get a little oily threw out the day. I suggest if you have oily skin to check out my other favorite BB cream, Missha M Perfect Coverage BB cream here. Missha BB also has natural but full coverage but is more matte.

What’s you guys favorite BB cream?!


DryBar On The Rocks

DryBar On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner

I recently got the On the Rocks sample kit with my beauty insider points at Sephora. I tried out the shampoo and conditioner the other night and wow!! I felt like I was at a salon. I first off love the shampoo because it lathers up with a wonderful scent and doesn’t feel like it strips hair completely when washing off. The conditioner goes on smooth and makes hair feel fresh but moisturized. Once my hair air dyed it felt so soft, silky and fresh af! I was overall really impressed.. and so shocked when I saw the shampoo was actually charcoal colored. I am for sure going to buy the full size shampoo when I get the chance.

Have you guys tried anything from drybar?!