New from Memebox

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share some new things from I am excited to try them out and see how they work. I love finding new products that work well and they are new.

The first thing is Real Art Cleansing Water. This is suppose to be a cleansing water that does not require water to wash your face. I don’t recommend doing this instead of washing with water everyday but it would be great for traveling and on the go.  I’ll test this out and have a detailed review soon.


The next skincare item is this cleansing oil that you use water to wash off. I’ve already tested this out last night and really like it. The oil is very smoothing and nice feeling and washes off easily, taking off makeup and dirt. It does have a stronger scent to it so I didn’t use it around my eyes to take off my waterproof mascara. But for face makeup it works great as a first cleanser. I could see the makeup melting off.

What is your favorite Korean Skincare Product?!

Pony Shine Eye Palette

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share this new Pony Shine Easy Glam Eye Palette with because I LOVE the colors of the shadows. I received this in the mail and once I opened up the palette my eyes filled with hearts because the shadows consisted of natural colors of both shimmer and matte. I think these colors are so pretty, for everyday look and  smokey look at night. Plus the pigmentation is wonderful, they are powder shadows but feel almost slightly creamy when I first touched them. I also read that each eye shadow consisted of rosehip oil (one of my faves). Maybe that’s why they feel so creamy and like butter hmm….

I am excited to try new looks with these colors. Pony is a Korean makeup artist. There is also a Pony Shine Palette #2. Check both of them out here!  The Large Shine Easy Glam Palette check out here!


Bronzy colors from right to left are: Shine Rosegold, Shine gold, Glam expresso, Glam Coca (4 colors on right side of the palette)



Matte colors from right to left are: Easy Charcoal, Easy brown, Easy Shadow and Easy Base. (4 left colors of the palette)

I love this look that Pony created with the palettes. So simple, soft and pretty.


Have you tried any of memebox and Pony x Products? Let me know!

Fountain of Youth: Meme Box

Hey everyone! Today I want to share this Meme Box I purchased and received in the mail. I was super excited to get this box and see what skincare it came with. It is called the Fountain of Youth Box- Check it out here! There is a coupon code, use “Fancy” for 15% off your order! =) When it comes to package boxes or subscriptions, I can be a little picky because sometimes I feel like they can be a waste of money. But I have been really satisfied with the skincare boxes from It has full-size products and a great way to try new Korean skincare without paying for each product separately. That way you might find something you really like and then can buy it again on the site. What first sold me on this box was knowing it came with this sleeping pack. IMG_0361 I use a sleeping pack every night after I do my skincare routine. What a sleeping pack does is lock in all the moisture and products you have put onto your skin while you sleep. I always use one from Tony Molly but this brand looked cool. What drew me in was the 17 black food complexes it contains that benefit the skin. IMG_0886

It came with 3 other full-sized anti-winkle products. Can’t wait to try them out. I mean, it’s okay to age, it happens and theres no slowing down, but if we can slow down the winkles that come along with aging.. why not?!

What is your favorite Korean skincare product?!